Self-centred and scheming, it’s hard to like him at first, but Neil Roberts’ excellent playing is full of depth and humanity and in the end we sympathise rather than condemn. In a true tour de force, Neil is on stage virtually throughout the two-hour action. (BBC Radio)

There is a mesmerising performance from Neil Roberts as Bamber. (The Mail On Sunday)

The strength of this production is Neil Roberts, who plays Grayle from his own characters point of view. (The Independent)

Neil Roberts sparkles as a charismatic young student, flirtatiously tempting the teacher. (The Independent On Sunday)

Neil Roberts in the role of Philip, is an imposing figure, with a strong charisma. (The Times)

Neil Roberts gave a brilliant performance as the cold, calculating, arrogant Bamber. (Daily Mirror)

Roberts is utterly convincing, as the critic’s initial arrogance gives way to shock and then snivelling fear. (The Guardian)

Neil Roberts is perfect as the ruthless, selfish yuppie Bamber. (The Sunday Times)

Neil Roberts and Alec McCowan: turn in excellent performances. (The Independent)

Far from being a moody du Maurier male lead, Neil Roberts plays the part of Philip with a passion – and passionately, his animated performance overshadowing his co-stars, despite their strong support. (The Observer)

Bendrix is brilliantly portrayed by Neil Roberts who is never off the stage during the whole thought provoking two-plus hours. (Devonshire Park Blog)

The rather superior Ratty, excellently played by Neil Roberts. (Weekly News)

Neil Roberts as one of the possible ‘sperm donors’ brings a light touch. (One Stop Arts)

Neil Roberts delivers an incredible performance. (Herald)

The story is told by ‘Gabriel Utterson’ – a lawyer, played wonderfully by Neil Roberts. (Evening News)

Neil Roberts is a thoroughly convincing, selfish, womanizing drinking cigar- smoking and naturally stupid duke, but somehow you can’t help taking a liking to him. (Independent Weekend)